A story of seeds and travels !


It was during one of his trips to the four corners of the world that Guillaume, curious and passionate about creative vegetable cooking, began to imagine a healthy and vegetarian food based on cereals and spices. As soon as he come back to France, Guillaume began to create a product based on salted muesli that could be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an topping on salad.

After several months of research, GRANOMY’s recipes was born.!

After many months of research, GRANOMY’s recipes began to take shape. Eager to bring a naturally healthy
product, they selected various seeds with rich and varied nutritionnal values.

The idea of creating a delightfull snack around flavors just as greedy as originally based on a crunchy texture
become reality. Distributed as crispy biscuit, GRANOMY will accompany you all along your day !


A mixture of crispy and salty muesli : GRANOMY!

2016 : the story Granomy was born to offer a unique and tasty product!

From the inspiration and advice of great Chefs, GRANOMY began his adventure; a band inseparable seeds, mixed with spices of exception, linked forever for your pleasure!



GRANOMY’s recipes

Granomy is the first range of fully salted muesli to be enjoyed at aperitif, topping on salads or snack. The idea is to make the appetizers colorful and discover a new way to eat muesli !

Today, there are four products that just need to be tasted.

Granomy is made from 100% vegetarian seeds and spices. To know some of the nutritional values: